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You are about to buy a unique and handcrafted Signature Logo. Order now, and in three business days, I will send you a PDF with three sketches. That is exciting!

This is what you get for USD 99

  • Three sketches to choose from
  • Three business days delivery
  • Final logo in Vector File, JPG and PNG

This logo is meant for Individuals, Artists, Blogs, Freelancers and Small Businesses. If you work in a Branding Agency and you are looking for this kind of logo for your client, or if you have a big corporation please contact me:

But now, please answer these questions below so I can get to know you a bit. And don’t worry! If you don’t know the answer to some question or you don’t have time to fill every section, just leave those sections blank.

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  • Here are the Questions:

    *What would you like me write on your Signature Logo?

    This can be your full name, first name, las name or brand name.

    Do you want a Tagline below the logo?

    It can be your occupation, title or description. If you do not need it, leave this empty

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    Who is your target audience?
    Select terms that you want the logo to reflect

    Try not to select opposite terms

    What else you want to tell about your business? What kind of thoughts you have about the logo?

    Please look through the sample images on this page. Is there a logo and style that would suit your business?

    Can I use your New Logo as a reference in Social Media