Unique Signature Logo for $99. Delivered in 3 business days.

If you are looking for an impactful and unique logo for your brand, you are at the right place.

A signature Logo is a hand-lettered wordmark that visually describes the personality of your brand. It gives your brand a professional look and makes it memorable. It creates a great first impression and sets the right tone of voice for you and your brand. A picture speaks a thousand words. The same goes for logos.

I’m experienced in Marketing, Branding, Hand Lettering and Calligraphy. It is great to combine these skills and offer you a Signature Logo for $99 and delivered it in three business days. I’m excited to work with you!

5 Reasons for choosing Signature Logo by Melvastype

  • Great first impression of your brand
  • Makes your brand memorable
  • Sets the right tone and feel
  • Builds your brand
  • Makes your brand stand out

What you get for $99

  • Three sketches to choose from
  • Three business days delivery
  • Final logo in Vector File, JPG and PNG

How the Process goes

1 – Order the logo

At first, you click the ‘Order Now’ button. There you find a form with different kinds of questions about your brand. Your replies will give me information about the style and the feeling your logo should express. Please, take a moment to fill the form because it will help me get to know you and your brand more. And that way we can achieve the best result.

2 – Sketching

After I have received your order, I will start sketching. Sketching is the phase where I search for the right tone for your brand. I study the answers you gave and reflect the sketches to that information. I carefully select three drafts that I present to you. Then we can make revisions to the logo if you have something you like to change or edit.

3 – Final logo

When we have decided which sketch to use in the final logo, I will draw your logo in vector format using my years of experience in typeface design and lettering design. You can be sure you will receive a properly made and carefully crafted logo that makes an impact on your clients and that your colleagues envy.

Order your Signature Logo today

Price $99 and delivery in 3 business days.

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